AM CAN BRZ PAN AM CH DeNevi's Ketel One Ticket2Fun
CH Telstar's Claim Jumper (SOM) X DeNevi's Staraya Skyy
DOB 08-06-02
AKC #WS014018/01
Co-owned by Catherine Denevi and Roberto Claudio Bezerra of Brazil  ( Sunland Boxers )

#1 Brazilian Boxer - (CBKC/Dog Show)*
#2 Dog All Breed - Brazil - (Hall da Fama)*
#7 Dog All Breed -  Brazil - (CBKC/Dog Show)*
*As of 4/17/07

Franky pictured at 11.5 years young

Click Here for Franky Head Shots - 2007

Franky pictured September 2006
Expert Photography by Vicky Glava!

Franky has now finished his Canadian Championship!
He gartherned his first 5 pt major at the Canadian Nationals 
and was not shown for several weeks. 
He then was taken back in to finish with 3 Back to Back wins, 
including BOW's.
Click on link below "Franky in Canada" to see his pictures!
Franky finished his American Championship Sunday, 
January 4th, 2004 at the largest and most gorgeous dog show on the West Coast, under Judge Jane E. Treiber. 
There were almost 4200 dogs entered, and 76 Boxers, 
for a four point major in dogs.

Best Stud Dog, American Boxer Club Regional -2005
"Franky" with his get,
CH Artistry's Lock N Load - "Gunner"
CH Artistry's Give Me Smore Loven - "Smore" pictured above and below.
Franky takes 
 at just under 17 months of age on Friday, under the very well respected
 Owner/Breeder/Handler Judge:
Thanks to both judges for recognizing Franky's qualities.
Franky takes WD at the Regionals-Sept. 2003
Handled by Gary Steele

Franky takes BOB at the San Joaquin KC 2 
November, 2004

Franky animation by Diane Stevens!
Franky has been holtered with 0 PVC's (in fact solid 0's with "quality of reading good"). 
OFA results are EXCELLENT, number BX-CA900/31M/C-PI. 
Thyroid tested normal both in 2003 and 2004.

Franky's Get In the Ring
(All can be seen from Our Champions Page)
~DeNevi's Absolute NContemptAgin~
~DeNevi's Absolute TheGavelFalls~
~CH Artistry's Lock N Load~
~CH Artistry's Give Me Smore Loven~
~Copper Hill's Crown Jewel~

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