Our Champions
& Other Boxers

Our Boys
BIS AM CAN BRZ PAN AM CH DeNevi's Ketel One Ticket2Fun - "Franky"
AM CH DeNevi's RipCurl @ Rincon - "Rip"
Can CH DeNevi's Dbl Chocolate Absolute - "Shokolate"
DeNevi's Lord Vox of La Jolla - "Rocky"
Goldfield's Absolute v. DeNevi - "Jackson"
DeNevi's Independence is Absolute - "Bravo"

Franky's Boys that are CO-owned, finished or in the ring
Ch Artistry's Lock N Load - "Gunner"
DeNevi's Absolute TheGavelFalls - "Guiness"
DeNevi's Ketel One FunNtheSON - "Chip"
VonRabenau's Rocket Man - "Bosco"
Boss VRabenau Whisper of Ringo - "Rosco"

Franky's Girls that are CO-owned, finished or in the ring
AM CH Artistry's Give Me Smore Loven - "Smore"
Copper Hill's Crown Jewel - "Mia"
DeNevi's Absolute NContemptAgin - "Trixie" - Link Below
VonRabenau's Shooting Starr -"Starr"

Our Girls
CH Goldfield's Stolichnaya M.O.V. - "Naya"
CAN CH DeNevi's Polar Ice of KG - "Abby"
CH DeNevi's Tall Blond Bombshell - "Bam Bam" ~~AVAILABLE~~
DeNevi's Staraya Skyy - "Skyy"
BR. CH DeNevi's Dark Eyes Czarina - "Czarina"
DeNevi's MIA Naughty Hot Totty - "Mia"
DeNevi's Absolute NContemptAgin - "Trixie"
DeNevi's Boru Yahoo - "Bori"

DeNevi Service Dogs

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