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Vincenzo Giuliani Denevi --"Vinny"
Born 6/3/2011
His daddy, Vince -Aka "Stitch" is a big part of DeNevi Boxers!

Gino Joseph Denevi Burris
 7 lb 9 oz, 20 inches

Gino photo taken at Silver Bay.
Special thanks to Vicky Glava for this wonderful picture!

Gino pictured at 4 months of age.

Pictures taken at our Baby Shower!

Catherine Denevi & Bonnie Keele at Silverbay
Special thanks to Vicky Glava for this wonderful picture!

My name is Catherine Denevi.
I have owned Boxers since 1995, shown them since 1998, breeding since 1999. 
I have a daughter, Josie and two sons, Gino and Vinny.

I practice law with offices in San Marcos and Los Angeles.  I especially enjoy elder law and animal law, but usually take any case that strikes my heart...which explains why I am poor...oh and because I own 6 Boxers and waste a lot of money showing them.  I have been taking the last few months off but plan to return to the show ring this Spring.  Planning on Nationals in May with hopefuls from Brazil that I co-own with Roberto Claudio Bazerra of Sunland Boxers.  I am the outgoing President of the oldest Boxer Club west of the Rockies, Southern CA Boxer Club.  I have shown Boxers in CAN, almost every state of the Cont. US, Brazil and Mexico. I look forward to someday showing in Europe.  Josephine is quite the little handler and will begin JR. Handling next year if I can get her out of the surf as she began surfing last Spring.  She is also a Purple belt in Karate.  Gino is my spoiled brat, who also has quite a hand with the dogs already, so look for all four of us at an upcoming show near you soon.

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